Referral Partners

About Referral Partners

Referral Partner Responsibilities

We want to ensure your clients are provided with the best options for their job search or career change. Therfore, we ask that our referral partners

  • Send client referrals as early as possible (soon after first engaging with a client) in order to the suit the client* before they visit job fairs, attend networking events, or go to an interview.

  • Fill out referral forms completely before faxing.

  • Inform the Suits to Careers program manager of any accomodations needed for a client, including, but not limited to, Spanish translator, and wheel chair or disability accomodations.

  • Inform Suits to Careers of the need for accomodations prior to or at the time of sending in the referral.

  • Inform clients of available Suits to Careers services including, but not limited to the Computer Class, Career Advancement & Resource Education (CARE) program, Career Center Services, employment retention program, and any new or additional services you are informed about.

Please be sure your client understands:
  • They must come alone to their appointment.
  • They must bring a form of photo ID.
  • A volunteer is scheduled to assist them, so to respect the efforts of our volunteers and staff, and ensure all of our clients are seen in a timely manner, we ask that clients show up on time.

*Mobile Boutique Referrals
Referral partners who are coordinating with our Mobile Boutique are responsible for scheduling clients on their assigned day.

Guideline Mobile Boutique visitation schedule:
  • Adams County: Wednesday at request
  • Cumberland County: Wednesday at request
  • Lebanon County: Monday
  • Perry County: Wednesday at request
  • York County: Tuesday & Thursday

About the Referral Process

Referral Partners identify clients in need of professional clothing and/or additional career development services, such as computer literacy training, financial education, professional development, resume or cover letter assistance, and much more.

The referral partner faxes a referral form to Suits to Careers, Inc.  The program manager will review the form and contact the client to schedule an appointment.

How to Become a Referral Partner

To qualify to be referral partner, an organization must serve individuals with income levels below the poverty line, and provide their clients with a job training or job ready program. Interested referral agencies may fill out a referral partner application.
Referral Partner Application
Following submission and approval of the application, the organization will be required to sign an MOU.

If your organization needs to arrange for onsite training, or has any questions about the process, please contact Marlai Paxton at     
717-232-1333 ext. 101.

Client Referral Forms

These forms are for use by current referral partners ONLY. Referral partners must determine a client's elgibility prior to sending a referral. Suits to Careers, Inc. serves individuals who are unemployed or underemployed. To determine if a client is underemployed, please use the WIC income guidelines .

Client Referral Forms (Men's & Women's)

These referral forms are in a effect as of 12/5/2016. If you have questions or concerns about the new form or the use of the PAWW referral form (only used for clients receiving cash assistance), please contact your boutique manager.
Client Referral Form
Client Referral Form
Mobile Boutique
Fax To: 717-232-1332
Fax To: 717-232-1332

PAWW Referral Form (for clients receiving cash assistance)

If you are referring a client receiving cash assistance you MUST fax this document in addition to the regular Suits to Careers referral form. If your client does not receive cash assistance, then you do not need to include the PAWW referral form.
PAWW cash assistance
referral form