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Suiting Program (Harrisburg)

Suits to Careers, Inc. corporate office & boutique is located in Harrisburg, PA. Clients receive an interview suit to prepare them for networking events, job fairs and interviews. Upon starting a training program or obtaining employment, clients may return for additional outfits suitable for their field.

Women are suited through our Dress for Success South Central PA program and men are suited through our Tied to Success program.

To receive a suiting, visit one of our local area referral partners. The partner will fax your referral form to Suits to Careers, Inc., and our staff will contact you to set up an appointment.

For your appointment, please: 1) Come alone, 2) Arrive on time, and 3) Bring your resume

Harrisburg: 717-232-1333, ext. 107 

Mobile Boutique Suiting Program

The Mobile Boutique travels to Adams, Cumberland, Lebanon and Perry counties. Our Mobile Boutique provides clients with the same suiting services as are available in Harrisburg and York.

Please contact one of our referral partners to obtain a referral and work with them to set up a suiting appointment so the Mobile Boutique can visit your county.

Mobile Suiting: 717-232-1333, ext. 106

Tied to Success

Who We Are
As a men’s suiting program, Tied to Success (TTS) follows the same successful business model as Dress for Success South Central PA. Launched in September of 2014, male clients are referred to Tied to Success through referral agency partners and receive clothing suitable to meet their interviewing and employment needs.

Our Mission
“Tied to Success provides the necessary support and professional attire for men who are transitioning from poverty to employment and are in the process of becoming contributing members of the community.”

How We Operate
Men are referred to Tied to Success by partner nonprofit organizations and government agencies that offer job training and job readiness programs. During the Interview Suiting, each TTS client receives one suit with a tie, dress shoes and five personal care items. The Interview Suiting is available for individuals preparing for job fairs, interviews, or simply in need of professional clothes for the job search. Clients are invited to discuss career planning, resume development and interviewing skills with our professional staff and volunteers.

Once employed, the Employment Suiting is designed to provide the client with building blocks needed for a “working wardrobe.”  So, to ensure the client is set for their first week of work they are provided with at least five sets of options to wear throughout the week at their new job.

Harrisburg: 717-232-1333, ext. 107