The mission of Suits to Careers, Inc. is to positively impact lives by helping people achieve economic independence through a network of suiting, support, guidance, employment training and mentorship. 


Understanding our Services

Receive an interview suiting
Looking for a job?
Need to prepare for an interview or improve your skillset?
Sign up for our Computer class or come in to get help with your resume
Want to stand out from the crowd in an interview or at work?
Attend a Professional Development workshop or class.
Receive a week's worth of professional clothes
Gain employment?
  1. "At first I felt very uncomfortable having the volunteer fuss over and totally focus on me. How could I be worthy of all this kindness? Suddenly, I started crying when I realized how damaged my self-esteem had become and how healing accepting help can be."
    Susan, client
  2. "Life continues to get better as I push forward with gained confidence. My thanks to all those volunteers and sponsors for the lives you've changed."
    Roxann, Client
  3. “Everything that your organization has to offer was totally new to me. This has been a very rewarding experience for me.”
    Mark, client
  4. “Without proper clothing it is nearly impossible to get, or even to be considered for a decent position.”
    Pedro, client